Megabus promo code

Megabus is a low-cost US-based regional bus company that plies the Eastern United States of America and the Midwestern States. It has a very huge following with certain estimates pointing out to the fact that so far, approximately 40 million passengers have already been served by the company.

It does offer occasional free rides, very low fares and generous discounts; the most popular of which is the Megabus Promo Code.

MegabusMegabus Promotional Codes
These are special discounts that are offered by Megabus once-in-a-while to instill customer loyalty and bolster its grip on the market. They are randomly-generated codes that are listed in several sites and which entitle their bearers to certain discounts under certain terms and conditions. For example, a code may be entitled, “Save 10% off your travels”. This entitles the bearer to a 10% discount for any given route that is plied by the bus company.

Information Regarding the Codes

Information regarding the codes is placed in several facilities listed and explained hereunder:

Corporate Website

The company does have a website whose portal is: through which current and prospective clients can get know just about anything that pertains to the organization as well as the discounts on offer. They too are capable of accessing the available Megabus Promotional Codes.

Other Affiliated Sites

There are sites which have a working relationship with Megabus and through which, prospective and current clients can equally log on to and download any existing Megabus Promo Code. These sites include: .

Social Networks 

The company does have huge presence in all the major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Any available Megabus Promotional Codes are usually posted on the social networking sites. Their Facebook ID is: Megabus Promo Code 2015 – 50% Off Promotion Codes and their Twitter handle is: @megabus.

Coupons App

Alternatively, information regarding the app can be accessed by downloading the Coupons App that belongs to the Coupons-at-Checkout ( either on the desktop or on the mobile device. Through this app, clients can receive instantaneous updates regarding any available coupons at the convenience of the mobile devices, personal computers or laptops. This mode of dissemination is very fast and is hence strongly recommended.

Megabus promo codeNewsletters

This entails the submission of the personal and contact details of the prospective clients to the Megabus Company. The information regarding the Megabus Promotional Codes is the disseminated periodically to the respective client’s e-mail address. This mode of dissemination is a bit slow and is thus not recommended.